Dear Zola,
My love it has been too long since i have held you in my arms and I know not when I ever will again. This vile man Seiger has sent us on a mission to find a kidnapped smith. My heart is not in the task at hand as it does nothing towards bringing us back together and I think the smith better off wherever he is than he would be in the reach of this lord.

After traveling some distance we found the village that the smith was to be kept in. I scouted the area and determined where the smith was. I also found a mine where they appeared to be using werewolf labor. I also discovered they were making strange, apparently magic weapons using blood.

As we tried to sneak into the village, I saw the black ghost so I talked to her to distract her from the rest of the party. Viv however ignored the diversion I created and came to talk to her as well. In no time we were fighting the guards and then wolf howls erupted from the mine. I called out to the wolves inciting them to revolt. Then I set to destroying the bridge Steppy ran across it before it fell and went to get the smith while VIv and I took care of the guards and werewolves. Luigi took some serious damage from one of the wolves and Viv helped him off the field of battle and took a separate path home then us,

While Steppy led the smith to safety southwards I led the guards north, I then slipped into the river unwatched and spied 2 Vessen ships. I heard the men aboard say they were sailing south to fight Seiger. I then swam ahead until I ran into Steppy again. We are now on our way back to Seiger’s lands with the smith,

I’ll write again soon,


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