Dear Sebastian,
Steppy has taken me to meet his lord, one Herr Seiger. After several days travel through rain drenched lands we came upon the most heavily fortified castle I’ve ever seen.

Upon entering the keep we came across a Castilian man dressed in finery that was no longer so fine as he was shoveling pig shit. He had nothing good to say but I was able to determine that he was of the same house as Naharro. I knew that if I could get him free it would be a big step towards improving my relationship with Zola’s family. I managed to sneak into his pen and free him while arranging a clever alibi.

Steppy insisted on dueling Luigi which Seiger found quite entertaining. Steppy won the duel but spared Luigi which I think Seiger was not happy with. Seiger was a foul brute of a man. He was whipping one of his underlings and asked me if the man was faithful, I told him my honest opinion that he was not, Seiger then asked me to duel with the man – to the death. Viv found out and insisted on joining in so another prisoner was brought out for us to fight. The fight went well, for Viv and I, and Seiger was quite ammused. Afterwards that was a great party.

It was after this party that I freed the Castialan Man and walked him to Zola, She was very happy to see me and to have him there. I returned and slept until Steppy and some guards roused me and brought me to the main hall along with the others in our party. There in the hall Seiger was very angry at the loss of the Castilan. He brought out some gem that he said was magical and could detect magic. He made us each hold it and sif it would detect if one of us had used magic to steal the man.

I didn’t believe any of this but Steppy pleaded with me to confess if I had done it as it would be real bad for him if it was discovered later, so I confessed to help Steppy. He had been good to me and I couldn’t risk this gem actually working if it was going to cause him that much strife. When I confessed Seiger threatened to kill everyone there unless I swore feality to him at that moment. I did to save their lives but then he said he would still kill them unless I fetched the castilan back as well.

I went and saw Zola and told her goodbye as I was not going to go back on my offering to her of the man, she insisted I take him back, so I did. Seiger then decided to send us all on a mission to find a kidnapped Dracaneisen smith.

I have no love for this Seiger and if given a chance I will kill the man. Until I am freed of my oath I cannot pursue my quest for Zola. I could conceivably get a title and lands from Seiger but I have seen how he treats his subjects and I love Zola and Carlos too much to put them under his control. Until he is dead there is no future for my family and me.

I’ve got to go now as we are about to set forth to find the missing smith.
Always your friend,


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