Dear Uncle Pomeroy,
I will never understand the workings of the Eisen mind. Viv, her infatuation Luigi, Steppy and myself went on a hunting trip.

As I was busy trapping a beautiful Stag the rest of the party messed into the affairs of the Fey that live in these parts. As I am too tired to elaborate at this time, suffice it to say that Viv let Luigi get sucked into a Dryad’s tree and then her and Steppy made a deal with a witch to retrieve some items in exchange for his return. As part of this deal Steppy gained the use of a flying broom! The man blanches at the slightest mention of magic but somehow has no issues with Fey creatures and magic brooms. I keep trying to figure out how that is acceptable to such a man but cannot reconcile the issues.

Well, to get on with the story, we flew to another witch’s castle in the north and encountered a guard who posed riddles for us to answer in order to gain entrance (the security seems rather weak for such a forbidding fortress). We passed the test and were guided inside to meet the witch Samantha. She complained of a dispute with the locals and asked for our help to resolve it. She also mentioned that at one time she had owned the Philosopher’s Stone but had lost it in a nearby lake. She then offered us some rooms to sleep in as it was getting late. During the night I explored a bit and encountered her bulter who apparently can change into a cat. He let me know that I was being observed and gave me a silver knife for my protection. There appeared to be werewolves prowling the lands outside.

The next day we went into the nearby town where we noticed some Castilian soldiers at the inn. We passed them by and went to the castle. Once there we discovered that the mayor was being held. charged with stealing some Leg Guard of the prince. They had plans to execute him. The man had no apparent skills to have done the deed so this seemed to be merely a political ploy. We decided that we must help his family.

I used my skills to investigate his home and found his wife in the yard crying on the shoulder of a kindly man bane Herr Brandt. Inside his home I found Pierre Anjou du Martisse a Montaigne man going through the books and trying to rob the people blind. We arranged an invite to dinner at the home and Viv and Steppy being who they are, we ended up having a battle and were victorious and found the missing armor and were able to clear the mayor’s name.

Two new people I met during all of this were of particular interest. One was Steppy’s brother Hans and more interesting was an Eisen Warrior goddess known as the Black Ghost. She took a particular liking to me and I had to seduce her to keep her from finding our magic broom and thus strand us there. As we left she was running behind, calling out my name.


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