Herr Stahl

Hardend Eisen Veteran, Rose and Cross "Leader". Vassal of Iron Fuhrer Sieger


Age 47 but looks looks a haggard of 57 year old. He has a long brown hair past his shoulders. He has a thick dirty beard. His eyes are gray blue and they look sad and distant. He seems to have an immense sadness and loss of innocence. His personality is gruff, pragmatic, and blunt.


He was a teenager when the War of the Cross started. His ancestors built Stahlfort the strongest fort in Eisen. He was given a commission in the Vaticine forces. The 17th Iron Bear division was his regiment. He joined The Rose and Cross before the end of the war. He served Lord Sieger during the war and being one of the last Stahls became his direct vassal.

Herr Stahl

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