Fabienne Valroux

wife to Etienne, mother to Adrienne, Lucienne, Vivienne and Julienne


Difficult and inappropriate, Fabienne with her piercing voice and disdainful attitude frequently get herself noticed, and not in a good way. As a society matron she feels it her responsibility to tell everyone what is wrong with them and she is only tolerated on the social scene because of the importance of the Valroux name.

Disappointed she was unable to supply her husband, Etienne Valroux du Martisse, with a son she has made it impossible for him to publicly acknowledge his son Alexis Valroux du Paix and with her husband’s health failing she is ever more determined to see her four daughters married quickly, but her mother-in-law seems unaccountably to be the biggest blockade to her in this purpose.

Her eldest daughter Adrienne Valroux du Martisse is a great disappointment, since while lovely she is a simpleton, and marrying her off has become the crux to all of their other potential engagements.

Lucienne Valroux du Martisse, is her mother’s favorite. Since everyone else perceives her as something of a harpy, her unpleasant looks mean no alliance will be agreed upon for her until the inheritance line is resolved.

Vivienne Valroux du Martisse clearly upsets her mother at every turn. Every single time it looks like she might cooperate with her mother’s plans Vivi then proceeds to cause some embarrassment or other that Fabienne must spend all of her energy containing.

Julienne Valroux du Martisse is too young to have made much of an impression on her mother just yet. She is also not vocal enough to be heard over the screeching in the household.

It was Fabienne’s idea upon marrying Etienne that all of their children have names ending with same suffix as their own. She was very proud of this idea and in fact has rewritten history to imply it was divine guidance.

Fabienne Valroux

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