Erich Sieger

Callous, uncareing, ambitous, rude, and ruthless. A Man of steel and will..


Erich Is a man of great height with broad, stocky shoulders. He wears his dark brown hair in a short military cut. He rarely appears without his Dracheneisen Pazerhand, and he often wears his family sword, which bears the family motto on its blade, “Surrender is death.” “You Idiots couldn’t find your own arses with both hands. I’m going hunting.” 7th_Sea__Eisen.jpg


The Lord and Iron Führer of The Sieger Königreichen. He comes from one of the oldest and most noble families of Eisen. He served the Imperator with glee and bloodlust. His lands were ravaged and the most affected by the war of the cross. Mud and blood is all that were left. He commands the most fearsome warriors in Eisen: The Clenched fists. His home and caslte is Stahlfort. His vassals are Herr Stahl and Herr Kaspar Steppenwolf among others.

Erich Sieger

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