Bonarro Riveria

One of the 4-Seconds. hedonistic and confident


Bonarro is one of the four seconds, a name given by Stahl to Bonarro, Alexis, Ciro Gallo, and Sabastian Favro. The name was granted due to the four of them always getting into trouble together, but somehow the story that evolved was always that each was just supporting the others (being his second) and no one ever seemed to be the lead man.

Bonarro is a hedonistic man and nearly the opposite of his best friend Ciro in nearly every way. Where Ciro is serious and focused, Bonarro is wild and impulsive. He has never seen a woman or a wine that he doesn’t like. He is quick to smile but he is just a quick to draw his blade.

Bonarro never talks about his past and had never mentioned his family, except possibly to Ciro. He is known for his preposterous sayings such as “Women are like wine, I will never settle with one until I have sampled them all!” or “This is my blade and this is my sword, this is for fight’n the other my reward!”

Bonarro gives the impression of having come from high society but not really caring about it and is just as comfortable in a lower class tavern as in a society ball.

He is as comfortable with firearms as with his blade, his honor makes him match his opponent for weapon but will use guns for duels to “Rid himself of this annoyance as quickly as possible as there is a woman with a glass of wine waiting out there somewhere


Bonarro Riveria

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