Alexis Valroux du Paix

Devilishly handsome, 30ish Montaigne man with a strange but attractive accent & a slightly off sense of fashion & protocol.


Bastard, Oldest child & only son of a Montaigne nobleman. Mother was a Ussuran Baron’s wife.


Alexis was born the first & only son of a Montaigne nobleman (Etienne Antone Valroux). However his mother (Katya Ivanov) was not Etienne ’s wife but rather a Urussan woman. Etienne’s mother refused to allow him to marry Katya so Alexis was born a bastard. Etienne got married to another woman (Fabienne) when Alexi was 2 and she did not want Alexis around. Katya tried to get Etienne to take her on as a mistress but Fabienne got him to reject her. When Alexi was 6 Katya moved them back to Urussa. Etienne gave Alexis a gift before he left, an ornately carved wooden top. The top is his most treasured possession, he carries it with him everywhere.

In Urussa she taught Alexi how to Shapechange. They grew quite close though she often left him home alone or would bring men back to their small home. She struggled to provide for him and Alexi often went without dinner. He helped out as well as he could, picking pockets and such. Eventually she found a well to do man married Baron Grygory Polzin. He did not know of her wild past and thought Alexi a son of a previous marriage..

Katya hid her shapeshifting from her new husband and forbade Alexi from changing too. She became cold and distant and punished Alexi for the slightest misdeed. His stepfather though was kind and good to Alexis though once they started having kids of their own (Pavel, Marek & Danka ) he didn’t want Alexi around any more. He was not mean though and wanted to see Alexi was provided for, so he sent him off to a Vendal University.

Alexi was not a good student, spending most of his time drinking, parting and trying to fit in. He would have been miserable at school if it were not for the presence of his cousin (Sasha Ivanov). They were inseparable once they discovered that each other were shapeshifters. They would go out every weekend, change into wolves and run. That is until Alexi met Arabella Van Sant. She was also a student and his first love. Their romance ended weeks before graduation when her parents arranged a marriage.

Post University – Family Estate
Alexis’s mother died months after he returned home and although he respected and liked his step family he did not love them nor feel he belonged with them. He contacted his father and asked permission to return to Montaigne. Between his similarities to dad and the top he still carried, Etienne accepted who he was. Alexi stayed at his father’s estate for a week getting to know him and reconnect.

The week at his father’s estate was very stressful. Fabienne was cold and rude, Adrienne their eldest daughter, was very sweet but couldn’t understand who Alexi was. Lucienne seemed to take after her mother, making rude comments and calling Alexi all sorts of foul names. Julienne was just a toddler and didn’t have much of a personality yet. Vivienne the third child seemed very self-absorbed. Their mother kept them locked away as much as possible. When he would go into town people whispered wherever he went. This meant that Etienne, his sick father was the only company he had. During this week Alexi took many opportunities to shapechange and get away from the house and into nature.

Early 20s – Paix
Etienne arranged for Alexi to move in with his brother Pomeroy in Paix. Pomeroy is a fabulous man who runs the family trading house with such success that grandma lets him do as he wants as long as the money keeps rolling in. Pomeroy never cared much for conventions and took Alexi in and decided to start teaching him Porte. He also used his Porte to occasionally send Alexi to see his father in secret, and Alexi often left there shapechanged to avoid detection.

Shortly after moving to Paix Alexis made friends with Sebastian Favro & Manfried Marz. Manfried was an Eisen mercenary who moved to Paix in search of work, he was always going from one job to another working as a bodyguard for the rich and powerful. Sebastian was a Paix native who grew up on the street and made his living off gambling and the occasional odd (often not legal) job. They hung around together usually meeting at underground taverns, playing cards and drinking. Sebastian had a sister Rochelle who he introduced to Alexi after about a year of their hanging out together. She was Alexi’s second great romance.

Rochelle, Sebastian and Alexis were inseparable the summer he turned 20. They went everywhere together and Sebastian had the decency to pass out in a drunken slumber to allow Alexi some along time with Rochelle but always managed to ‘wake up’ before things went to far. Manfried didn’t hang with them as much after Rochelle joined the scene due to an Eisen friend of his (Jarvis Wilke) moving to Paix.

Jarvis was an aggressive man who didn’t get along with any of the rest of the group. After the third fist fight between Sebastian or Alexi and him Manfried stopped coming around with him. What Alexi didn’t know at the time was that Jarvis was making advances on Rochelle and that was a source of much of the tension in the group. Jarvis was a very jealous man, and couldn’t stand her being with Alexi instead of him. One day as Alexi and Rochelle were walking aside the Sineuse river Jarvis spied them from across the water. In a fit of jealousy he retrieved a musket and tried to shoot Alexi but shot Rochelle instead. She died in Alexi’s arms. Manfried and Jarvis fled the city and Alexi has not seen either on since.

Early-20s – Vodacci
Sebastian and Alexi decided to join the Rose & Cross after that event. They went to a secret training center in the north of Vodacci where they became training buddies with Bonaro Gallo & Ciro Riveria. Bonaro and Ciro were both Vodacci men and often made playful fun of Alexi and Sebastian for not knowing the language. When they were allowed to go into the village Bonaro would give them mistranslations of phrases to use or of what women were saying back to them. They would all spar with each other and all had each others backs. Due to their lack of fighting prowess and their experience in the criminal arts, Sebastian and Alexi got assignments that kept them more in the shadows, spying and reporting rather than actually running missions.

Mid 20s – Paix & Vodacci
Alexi returned to Paix and his uncle, living off Pomeroy’s charity and the occasional lady of means. He spends his time in a mix of lowlife establishments and higher society functions though never made it to Court until he reacquainted with his sister Vivienne. He spotted her in the company of someone he needed to meet so he arranged to run into her at a hall known for it’s boisterous atmosphere and frequent brawls. Once there he sent a drunken man over to talk to her and then interrupted to ‘save her’ from the man’s unwanted attention. After that she started asking Alexi to accompany her to events and would tell him how to dress or act.

In the past five years Etienne’s illness has been getting worse, with more and longer periods of dementia and weakness. About four years ago he met a Vodacci woman (Zola Calvetti). He fell head over heels for her at first sight. He couldn’t speak with her though and she went back to Vodacci. He called on Ciro who came to Paix and taught him to speak Vodacci, just so he could go there to court her. He tracked her down and courted her, they had a brief but passionate romance. Their relationship was cut short by a letter from home indicating that father took a turn for the worse and may not make it. Alexi rushed home to be by his side. He was not allowed to stay at the estate but did visit everyday. While he was gone Zola discovered she was pregnant and had no way to get hold of Alexi so she found another man (Leandro Najarro) who was willing to marry her and claim the child.

By the time Alexis was able to return to Vodacci he found Zola married & their son Carlos being raised by another man. He tried to get her back or to get the child. He created a big scene at Court and for the sake of the child had to deny his claim and suffer the embarrassment. Zola’s position has been weakened but she still has her standing. Alexi returned home and hasn’t seen her or the child since.

Alexis Valroux du Paix

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