Adrienne Valroux du Martisse

Eldest sister to Vivienne, current assumed heir


Adrienne, eldest daughter of Etienne Valroux du Martisse, with Fabienne Valroux. Any lasting contact with this girl will reveal she is several grapes short of a full cask.

Pretty enough she is a simpleton who is well protected by her family, chiefly her grandmother and while she debuted several years ago she remains unattached as any connection has far reaching repercussions of inheritance.

Unless she is disinherited her marriage must be made to a noble that will be absorbed into the Martisse clan rather than funneling the titles, funds and lands to favored member of his own family.

Grandmere must have the final approval of any alliance since Etienne’s health is failing and Adrienne’s mother cannot be relied upon to make good decisions.

Adrienne has three younger sisters: Lucienne Valroux du Martisse, Vivienne Valroux du Martisse, and Julienne Valroux du Martisse. She loves them all very dearly as she does everyone and everything she meets. Adrienne is very trusting.

Adrienne Valroux du Martisse

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