Seventh Sea

Viv's Journal Day 940 continued

Viv’s Journal Day 940 (continued)

I was awakened in the night by a knocking on my door. It was not Luigi as I expected but rather my brother Alexis. He was eager to tell me of how the night had proceeded without me and I must admit I was less than interested until he mentioned gemstones. Apparently Wolfie has grown suspicious of the local water supply and was convinced there was something in it to influence the local populace. Alexis had gone down a well and discovered a cave with glowing stones and a mechanical flower. It seems they thought the flower was in some way tainting the well. I dressed quickly and followed him to find the exit he had taken from the cave and before we entered we spotted McCleod and some members of the Thean Inquisition who had taken up positions nearby. Wolfie walked right up to them and after some words were exchanged it seemed we were to engage in combat. Thank heavens – just when I feared the night would be too boring for words. We made quick work of the Inquisition and Wolfie had the better of McCleod while I tried to counsel the frightened priest. Whatever. We left them behind to enter the cave where there were indeed gems of a surprising glow. I gathered as many as I could per Wolfie’s advice and I had my back turned when suddenly there were these strange people (?) and the exit was now blocked. It seemed Wolfie had plucked the flower but not before a baby creature had slithered out of it. After handing the baby-thing to one of the mature foreigners, Wolfie begun to destroy the flower which upset them quite a bit. Alexis tried speaking to them and eventually he returned the flower to them and they left. Or something. Whatever.

Alexis and I finished removing the glowing gems before returning to Wolfie’s uncle. Wolfie,
I assume, related the events of the evening and after a slightly tense exchange Wolfie seemed to agree to something. He then told me his uncle promised me the gems in exchange for the silence on the weird stuff we had seen. I had no qualms whatsoever about making such a promise.

After we left his uncle’s presence Alexis and Wolfie had words with the strange wellworkers we had encountered before. Apparently one had something that Wolfie wanted while Alexis blocked their exit I tossed my knife to strike the item out of the hands of one just before he escaped through a window. I deftly caught the item and upon inspection it appeared to be a golden petal of some type. Wolfie discouraged me from making it into jewelry so I handed it over to him.

Luigi valued the stones at 7 to 10 guilders each which pleased me but it still wouldn’t be enough to appease the Lady Vogue. I’m still going to have to collect enough guilders to pay her off.


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