Seventh Sea

Day 953 continued (yes, again!)

A mission for Grandmama

Grandmama bid me to question our new captive, the Los Vagos leader, with Wolfie. So I sought him out and he shaped a plan. I would play “bad musketeer” and he would play “good musketeer”. Whatever that means. But I was sure I could convince the prisoner I meant to harm him. As we descended to the prison cells one of the guards told me that Gaston was currently interrogating the prisoner. I was surprised because Grandmama had made it clear she wanted me to question him and I did not think she had sent Gaston. It irked me, so upon entering I dismissed him and sent him to Grandmama to inform her of his findings. I did not think he had anything but silence to report.

Wolfie began his questioning with a query of a name and the promise of a reward for this information. Clearly when I suggested to Grandmama that he would be too nice or gentle for this I was not exaggerating. I remained silent while they played a cute little game about who spoke what languages, blah, blah, blah. When it was clear they had reached an impasse about who he was and why he had come and still he feigned no knowledge of Montaigne I finally stepped in and suggested we go with my plan. Wolfie professed it too severe and said we could do no such thing. We argued briefly while I suggested the guards get started and it was clear during this that our prisoner did indeed understand what process was being discussed. Wolfie told him to take some time to think about his position and we would be back in a couple of hours.

As we left the dungeons we ran into Stahl and also Wolfie’s strange Castillian friend had managed to find us. I left them to their strange exchanges as I went for a dress fitting. I did peep out the window at one point and saw Wolfie in the blue gardens and it looked like he might be rehearsing a dance for the next ball we would attend. After the proposed time I found Wolfie eager to return to the inquisition of the prisoner.

Wolfie convinced me to give him a few minutes alone with him before we began and I hovered outside the door eager to get on with it. Sooner than I expected the door opened and Wolfie tried to sell me a tale of the prisoners escape and I almost believed him but sure enough when I pushed past into the cell I found him still there.

He seemed rather more calm than before and our exchange was rather heated but eventually I convinced him of my sincerity. Wolfie still stood to defend him but eventually the prisoner made a break to escape. I sliced him quite nicely along his side as he went past and Wolfie pursued him out the door of the cells. I shouted that if he lost my prisoner I would be furious, then I cleaned my blade, sheathed it, reassured the guards they should return to their normal duties and went to report to Grandmama.


martthesling NancyK

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