Seventh Sea

Viv's Journal 916.2
Not all that witchy

Day 916.2

Lady Samantha’s manservant offered her hospitality for the night, an offer we accepted. After a lovely warm bath (I’d like to replicate their system at home) and a meal that was less lovely we spent the evening in the parlor talking and playing games. The weather had turned foul by the time we retired for the night the storms disturbed my rest once or twice but still I managed enough hours be presentable in the morning.

Day 917

After yet another depressingly hearty breakfast we set out to encounter the locals which was also depressing. The beggar children were out in force and wouldn’t relent until Wolfie distributed coins to the beasts. We did meet with a man who had great manners despite not being a gentleman. After Wolfie introduced himself he passed on the man’s name as Odell Herrikson and while I did not understand a word the man said, his smile included a bit of a twinkle whenever he looked my way. Wolfie definitely perked up at some point in their conversation but since I had no idea on which topic they spoke, I continued to look over the village. My original thought was that it is impossible to believe people choose to live this way, but upon further investigation, and a brief shopping spree, in which I got loads of lovely food stuffs.

I returned to my companions who had apparently continued their conversation in the town square where I discovered their future plans involved questioning a man being held in the stockades. Having no interest to go there I chose instead to extended my shopping spree. Questioning the local boys resulted in the discovery of a local butcher’s shop and I headed off to lay in some gifts and supplies for my stay in Eisen. Along the way I made the acquaintance of a man named Hendrick Brandt, who while Eisen by birth was fluent with the more gracious Montaigne language and manners which made him charming company. He escorted me to the butcher’s shop and made a gift of my purchases. He followed this up with an invitation to supper at the Mayor’s house where he said he was staying. Not knowing the plans of my companions I could not fully accept but I promised to send a message accepting or declining by the hour of six. I hoped we could accept because while the chambers and rooms at the castle were lovely I was not looking forward to another meal there.

I tried to send some of my purchases as hospitality gifts back to the Lady Samantha but the superstitious nature of the locals made this well nigh impossible. I had to instead take a taxi round trip. The butler was appreciative but also requested I get some fish. Smelly, older fish. I have to assume this is either a personal preference or a local delicacy. I’m not tempted.

Upon our return to the town square I discovered my brother and Wolfie had once again found trouble. I leapt out of the taxi carriage and rushed to their side. While not understanding the words they were shouting I was certain the fellow in front of me appeared to be a non-combatant as he turned his back to Alexis and I. I did understand that the two figures nearest Wolfie were attacking him and one seemed to be changing into a wolf before our very eyes. I took several swipes at him but took some claws in return. One fell to our feet but the other used incredible strength and leaped to the nearest rooftop. Wolfie shot at him but Alexis scrambled up Wolfie to reach the villain and while the two wrestled I sunk my knife into him with a lucky throw. Wolfie climbed up then shot it in the head then things settled down again. The non-combatant introduced himself as Wolfie’s brother and then the local guard showed up.

Wolfie’s brother seemed nice enough and thank heavens he speaks a civil language. The conversation rapidly devolved to more Eisen then some long meandering narration that while spoken in Vodacce was still unintelligible. I tried to follow for a bit but then lost interest so I returned to find the boys with the cart and my goods. I sent a message (via the boy that rode with me to the castle) to Herr Brandt accepting his dinner invitation. I tipped the boy exceptionally well but bade him not make up stories embellishing our visit to the castle. I took a selection of the foodstuffs and created a picnic since the conversation was still prattling on. Some discussion was had whether or not our dinner invitation was a trap and it was decided Alexis would attempt to discover the truth of this matter.

Alexis’s scouting mission proved no trap was at hand but apparently the brothers deemed this insufficient information and came up with a plan to investigate the Mayor’s House using some ring which should provide us passage on the grounds. We were met on the grounds and escorted to meet the Mayor’s wife. Lady Weisenburg was gracious considering the circumstances. Herr Brandt filled me in and it seems the Lady’s husband has been taken into the custody of the local prince’s men and charged with theft and treason. Should he be deemed guilty, his only hope is to have someone champion him in trial by combat as the Mayor himself has no skill with weapons.

A distant uncle of mine (Pierre Anjou du Martisse) made an appearance and the mood in the room became increasing uncomfortable and thankfully we went into supper. Sadly much of the conversation proceeded in Eisen which I didn’t understand so this was promising to be an unfriendly, long evening with no entertainment in sight. Thankfully after some Eisen exchange between my Uncle and Wolfie, Alexis leaned over and interpreted that Wolfie had just volunteered to champion the Mayor and fight my Uncle in the duel. My Uncle asked me to second him but I refused claiming a prior allegiance and debt to Wolfie. I offered my hand as second to Wolfie, giving him a chance at first refusal. I feared for a moment that he might refuse and then I would have no way but to live by family allegiance no matter how distasteful. But I need not have worried as Wolfie accepted my offer readily.

Wolfie continued to growl out Eisen words, negotiating terms or some such, I know not, but suddenly a party of the guards showed up and attacked us while we dined. Alexis, Wolfie and I made quick work of the guards and while Uncle insulted Alexis he tried to run off proving himself to be a coward. Upon Alexis’s suggestion that this was the case, Uncle tried to return but I blocked his path. Entering the house behind my Uncle was a female fighter I had heard stories about since entering this land. She’s known only as the Black Ghost and she is supposed to be unbeatable. I guess we’ll see. I demanded she stand down but perhaps she didn’t understand Montaigne. She said something to Alexis but he moved past to pursue our fleeing uncle. I stepped up and the fun began.

My speed proved to be a problem for her and when I landed three attacks she seemed startled. The problem with being so good you never get hit is that you don’t know what to do when you do get hit. Still she hadn’t touched me yet and I warned her again to stand down but she persisted. I tried a couple more times but she managed to avoid any additional blows until a strange device landed on the ground between us. Hans called out, “C’est rien.” so I trusted in it and instead of dodging aside, I followed her move and intimidated her where she landed. Hans secured her with some type of netting and it seemed we were done. Black Ghost my royal ass.

A translated exchange and my foe agreed to surrender. Honoring her word she patiently waited to see how this all resolved. I waited much less patiently. Escorting the Black Ghost to the table I resumed my interrupted dinner without the unpleasant company of my Uncle. Things were indeed tasty. And things rapidly devolved to a multi-lingual debate that of what to do next. It seems we must return some fancy armor to some guy who hired Uncle to be an asshole to the locals. I’m not entirely sure how this makes the town like Lady Samantha better but Wolfie insists we need to do this.

Tagebuch Steppenwolf - I said don't mess with the fae
No I really mean DON'T MESS WITH THE FAE (I'm not just saying that to hear myself talk)

No really Hercules don’t run off into the woods at night… it’s dangerous and oh never-mind… it’s not like I live here and understand the way things work* here* better than you foreigners that have been here for a day.

Oh! Where to begin…

Tagebuch Steppenwolf - Home is where the Vampires are

Dearest Brother,

I have returned home to the Swartzhaus only to find my people at unease. Apparently children and women have gone missing in the night.

There are rumors of a cabal of evil in the earldom. You are much more experienced in these matters so I beseech you come help.

Your Brother,



Well I found an infestation of vampires last night. Well four, but vampires are like rats and bedbugs, for everyone you find there are 10 more hiding (right…?) (and like rats you leave for a month and a half and they are all over defecating in your stuff, right…?).

I will little help from a highland monster-hunter (they don’t make them like they do in Eisen outside of Eisen), and my friend Alexi’s wolves (really he was no where to be found, just his wolves, and his white wolf, hey where did that one go now) I found the nest and exterminated them all. But have no leads on the rest of what maybe troubling my town.

Oh and i found a sleeping beauty in a cavern under the nest. She slept till I kissed her at Thea’s request. She awoke and was confused she seems to think it is a few hundred years ago and that Eisen is not divided by strife… Any ideas?


Viv's Journal 915.2
The damned forest

Day 915.2

I had mentioned to Luigi the rebuff from the butler and suggested that we arrange a hunt so we might provide for ourselves during our stay. This is truly an appalling custom but I do see that it would be pretty handy for moving along unwanted guests. I have to assume Wolfie was too preoccupied to mention anything about it.

I arranged everything and we set out before sunset. Before we headed to the hunting grounds Wolfie warned us that strange things occured in his lands and that should we witness anything odd we should notify him immediately.

It wasn’t very long before the tracks split off and our party split ways. Luigi and I followed on with Wolfie while Alexis turned off with his newfound wolf friends. When we drew closer to our game Luigi split off to the side while Wolfie moved up ahead, it was then I noticed the quaint little cottage tucked into the woods. As I drew closer I noticed I was standing on snow that wasn’t so much like snow. Luigi was in my sights but he was talking to a beautiful woman beside a large tree, before I knew what happened she wrapped her arms around him, stepped back and the tree enveloped them both. I called out for Wolfie but rushed ahead to look for any trace left by Luigi and the woman that took him. When I called out, a voice called back, laying claim to Luigi as her own. I didn’t know what more to do but pray that Wolfie found me soon enough that something might be done. It was then I noticed the old woman approaching. She was tiny, ugly and wizened but she told me the creature that took Luigi was a dryad. She said I might convince it to release him but that I would have to give it something in return. When I offered this the dryad said she would accept a man more handsome in his place. Nice system. I immediately thought of Alexis but dismissed the idea. The old woman, now strangely less old, said the dryad might accept jewels instead. I was desperate enough to offer a trade for gems but to no avail. The old witch(?) in the beautiful dress suggested I trade for a child or a babe. This place is definitely creepy. I tried calling for Wolfie again but the snow that was falling captured my attention as I noticed it tasted like pastry sugar rather than water. How do these people not weigh a thousand pounds?

The witch continued to offer suggestions that the dryad refused. I did not even consider the potion. The dryad sang out that she would release Luigi if I could convince her that I loved Eisen and I tried. I really, really tried.

Thankfully Wolfie arrived and I poured my story out to him. His negotiations yielded no results but since the dryad had said she wanted the dress I headed to the cottage to have tea with the old lady witch to see what it would take to get the gown.

She welcomed me into her home and served a lovely peppermint tea. She introduced herself as the Lady Elga and from her story I gathered she has lived a very long time. She explained the gown had silver and dracheneisen worked into the design is what made it so spectacular. She suggested if I gave her three things she would give me the gown in return. The three things were a broomstick that her sister to the north has, a golden apple another sister had and thirdly to take a lover more beautiful than even Luigi. She actually mentioned a member of our party which I have to assume is Alexis. That one will either be the easiest or the most difficult.

We returned to the Schwartz-whatever and Luigi’s brothers were determined to set out after him but I retired early for the night. I was suddenly very exhausted but Luigi’s pillow taunted me and I tossed and turned most of the night.

Day 916

The next day dawned and we eventually set off on our mission to find the items that would satifsfy the witch into giving us the gown so we might get Luigi back. A brief detour I didn’t fully understand and we returned evenutally to the tree where Luigi was being held. This time we actually saw Luigi and he seemed like he was going to come with us but then the dryad did something to make him stay, I couldn’t see what it was through my tears. I only know he did not, or could not, come with us.

Wolfie made arrangements with the witch that we borrow her flying broomstick so that we may travel quickly. She recommended we go North first. So we actually hopped on and flew (!?!) quickly across the countryside. When we landed our way was blocked by a guard who posed riddles we had to answer to pass. When we did he unbarred the way to the castle and we entered. A cat which turned into a butler offered us refreshment then led us into a laboratory ruled by a woman in black. She agreed to give us the broomstick if we could stop the angry mobs from harassing her.

Through our negotiation with her we discovered she once had the Philosopher’s Stone but she lost it in the lake when she rescued a child many years ago. We got her consent for the locals to call her Lady Samantha and decided on a campaign to gain her the friendly or at least passive attitude of the locals.

Viv's Journal 913.1

Day 913.1

Wolfie continues to offer a place in his homeland to all we come across. Our party is beginning to look more like a parade rather than an entourage.

Day 914

As we crested a tallish hillside we looked down upon Wolfie’s homeland which is indeed a gem, one nearly hidden by the rough of it’s surrounding countryside. I was relieved to see sunlight and it brightened our reception to Wolfie’s homestead. While rugged and sturdy his home will provide suitable lodging for our stay. The locals gathered to receive their lord and Wolfie announced the commencement of feasting. I knew I liked him.

I remember very little of the evening’s festivites except that Luigi tried to start the duel with Wolfie then with some stranger in his stead. I did taste the local beer which was good enough. Although I prefer wine as it does not leave me as bloated I still partook of my fair share.

Day 914.1 or 915 (depending on the exact hour)

I awoke in the middle of the night to the sounds of howling and ruckus somewhere in the distance. It took a bit of time to pull myself together and to find the source of the noise. When I did I was unsurprised to find Wolfie and wolf Alexis at the center of the mayhem, with Rob in tow. Wolfie lead the charge to fight the “vampyres”. Really? Vampyres? Trolls now vampyres? I know not if they were truly vampyres but I do know they died by Wolfie’s sword all the same and they did turn to dust. I attribute my inability to make an impact entirely on the beer of Wolfie’s locals. Disgusted I returned to my bed and Luigi’s gentle snores.

Day 915.1?

The day broke bright but no breakfast arrived. I sent Luigi on a mission for food and he returned with paltry supplies. I shall have to roust the girls to provide better sustinance. He mentioned “they” were getting into trouble in the chapel so I went to see what that was all about.

Wolfie, Alexis and now Rob was participating with these two. I did indeed find them in the chapel fussing over a sleeping woman. I do not know exactly what the problem is but she will wake for no distractions. I recommended they consult Stahl then I went to find a true breakfast. I was horrified to have the head butler(?) explain that in Eisen the houseguests furnish their own food. Even the nobles. EVEN. THE. NOBLES. I was reduced to begging for leftover morsels to be sent up for a meal. Disgusted I left the kitchens and found the girls to give them a verbal lashing for forgetting their responsibilities and urged them to task. It’s one thing to have a night of carousing but to forget their duty is unacceptable. I retired back to our room with Luigi and was happy to see food had already arrived. We managed to eat a little and have a bit of a snuggle before there was a knocking on our door calling me back down at Alexi’s request.

Apparently they had woken the girl (with Wolfie’s kiss no less) and Alexis wanted my opinion on what this meant. Or what to do about it. Or something. Or other. She introduced herself as Lady Anna of Eisen. Nothing more specific than that. She believes it to be the year of 1475 not our current 1668. I recommended we call a priest as this is well beyond our ken. Wolfie believes she must have been asleep or bespelled these last 250 years. I’m not so sure.

Tagebuch Steppenwolf - Home

The leaving of Vodacci went smoothly… I warned everyone to get high boot and riding cloths it tends to be messy in Eisen this time of year. The ship voyage went quickly and even the overland run was uneventful.

Upon entering Eisen my heart was uplifted at being home, but fell to see refugees fleeing my home country. What ill this war has wrought. To depress me more I saw many pit fights being advertised, are we Eisen no just others sport but our own… but I night of Eisen hospitality cheered me up.

On the road to Schwartzhaus we came across bandits. After some talk of how to maneuver I rode forth with Stall and cowed the lot, but their sadness pestered my heart and after the caravan passed them, I asked what troubled them.

Apparently a cave troll (not a river troll very different) had kidnapped one of their compatriots and held him for ransom (defiantly a cave troll, a river troll would have just gorged on him). I set out to bring down the brute, backed up by my companions. It was a long battle, with Alexi dealing with the trolls wolves, Vivianne angrily stinging at the beasts heals, and I finally climbing the beast and shoving my revolver in it’s ear to down the beast.

Ah Eisen!!! It sure is GOOD to be HOME!!!!!

Viv's Journal Day 888

Day 888

We returned last night and I was happy to see our familiar digs at the inn – and Luigi. I had convinced my companions that Luigi could handle the disposition of the gems we found on board the ship and the proceeds would be split amongst the four of us with an additional share to be used to rewards our additional staff and assistants. Hanz, Beatrice and Julietta are those especially recognized but the strange scientist that Wolfie keeps and the ships crew all received some remuneration.

I toyed with sending money back to Lady Vogue but the temptation to shop and spend my proceeds with Monsieur Rouge was too great. I took my ladies along and Monsieur Rouge was his gracious self. I acquired several dresses, these with Usurian flair, suitable for more rugged travel and hunting. Boots and a hat or two plus some serviceable gowns for the girls and we bid him adieu. His parting gift of a couple pairs of charming formal slippers and a lovely bottle of wine guaranteed that I left a very happy customer.

Some arrangements and planning which I mostly left the gentlemen and we set sail for Eisen. I wish I was more eager for this journey. At least Luigi will be along.

Day 909

Arrival in Eisen has come none too soon. This many days in close quarters even with Luigi for company and I can’t take much more. I was eagerly watching for our port from the upper deck of our ship but I was disheartened when we arrived. Everything here is grey. Grey, grey and more grey. What isn’t grey is brown. And the poverty is appalling. Why have these people not fled to civilization?

Our first night and Wolfie took us to a local dining establishment, and while not horrible nothing was impressive. Luigi was disgusted at every turn. Upon entering though, I noticed a man who seemed very familiar. I excused myself from Luigi and approached. It was while were talking that I remembered him. His accent was what revealed himself as the Avalonian that I met in Vodacce. He had given me a card with the name Hunter on it but this time he introduced himself as Rob MacCleod. Apparently without the mask he was more forthcoming with details. He asked if he could join our party and I said I would put the idea forth to our party but later I saw him making the acquaintance of Wolfie and I think he put forth his own proposal since he appeared in the morning when we prepared to depart.

Day 910

We left for Wolfie’s homelands this morning. With carriages and horses our party has set out in relatively high spirits.

Day 912

It has rained every single day since we’ve arrived. Every. Single. Day. I’ve asked and the locals all say this is “normal”. The language continues to confound me. Everything sounds angry and no wonder. With these clouds

How do these people cope with being permanently waterlogged? It’s awful! Even with three pairs my boots are constantly wet. Yuck. Luigi agrees.

Day 913

First action we’ve seen in days. It’s been a monotonous repetition of mud, mud and more mud. I was practically giddy when our outriders noticed a trap ahead. Wolfie and Hanz rode ahead to call them out and challenge them. Their sob story struck Wolfie smack in the center of his kind heart. Apparently their people have been taken by a troll (???) and they are forced to provide appeasement to prevent the deaths of those kidnapped. Wolfie has volunteered to kill the troll and offered them sanctuary if they will abide by his rule of law.

Trolls you ask? My god these people still believe in the tales of fairy!!! Only Wolfie says they’re true. And everyone knows Wolfie doesn’t have a sense of humor. Fewer and fewer as time goes on Wolfie contends but still… I guess we’ll see.

My god he was ugly! Huge and ugly. And really not a good fighter. Brute force and strength was all he had going for him but he was slow and not very clever. Exhausting though – it was just a matter of striking him again and again – tiresome really. Not fun at all.

Tagebuch Steppenwolf - Deus ex Machina

So we arrived on Calgary Isle. It was a pretty little place, all homey. I met a… um… meager Ranking Calgary man who showed us around… he was very useful in getting introductions and getting us transportation.

We arrived at an inn called the Atlantis… I remember this island is very low to the sea, perhaps it is sinking. We made arrangements to go to the Calgary manor the next day.

Upon arriving at the manor I met with the Calgary Prince, he didn’t seem to like having Alexi around… jealous of his good looks I imagine, the man was practically a fossil. This gave perfect excuse for Alexi to scrounge around while I wheeled and dealed. After an invigorating afternoon of business talk we left the mansion and Alexi told me he had made contact with Zola’s brother and had set up a plan. I did run into the toreador lady, she seemed particularly interested in Alexi, I told her she should come calling, this would distract her, and all her hopes where in vain for Alexi was a man of resolve and was committed to his Zola, NOTHING would sway him.

That night after a nap, I happened across the Montaigne siblings, seemingly arguing in Montaigne, it would appear they where really cross with one another to the untrained eye. But I new this was acting to keep people off their tracks. They would retrieve Zola’s brother while I diverted attention. Oh what a marry romp in the night it was, all went off without a hitch.

In the morn we left to depart on our ship, when we were stopped by the local constabulary…
what bull foulment was this, HOW WOULD this men know to stop us? it was like some petty and small god was pathetically punishing us for perfection? Really why would we need to fight with such honest keepers of the peace? What crazy, foul and vengeful deity ruled on that island made our perfect caper tarnished, for what… it was like he had too many dice to cast in his hand and knew not to still his urge to leave the perfect end… But alas, twas not ment to be…

Viv's Journal 886.2

Day 886.2

Once we took the ship I spent my time below decks. I had found a chest filled with some lovely jewels and I was thrilled to further discover some fine fabrics. I immediately set Julia and Brenda to sketching and measuring while took stock of the gems. When I came up on deck we had already set sail and I was quite surprised when we arrived at our destination that same evening. Some discussion and we decided to take residence at a local inn while we assess and plan. I managed to pack a small chest of necessities and Wolfie volunteered to go ahead and send back a carriage.

The accommodations were substandard but nicer than my introduction to Vodacce. I fell asleep with visions of gemstones dancing in my head. If I can get the others to split those goodies up I should be able to pay off Lady Vogue and still have enough left over to visit Monsieur Rouge.

Once I pulled myself together on the next morn I entered the common room at the inn where I was greeted by Wolfie and a charming underling who kindly outfitted me with a lovely glass of sweet white wine and a plate of suitable tidbits to break my fast with. He and Wolfie went off to put their heads together and Alexis kept me company so I was not forced to socialize with any of the locals. Apparently they made arrangements for us to meet with the head of the family purported to be keeping Zola’s brother. After dining we gathered our gear and set forth to make an acquaintance.

Prince Caligari was old, unattractive and cranky. He took an instant dislike to my brother and almost dismissed me out of hand but he heard Wolfie’s proposal of business with a fair expression. After a brief conversation the Prince recognized my parentage (or rather my grandparentage) and was more generous with his manner. He summoned a man, Sebastian, to show me around the grounds and I took the opportunity to include Alexis in the invite. After a few minutes Alexis made to excuse himself and Sebastian became more loquacious when he retired. He was interested in Montaigne life and I encouraged him to learn more as it could only serve to further his position with his Prince. Apparently the old coot was still enamored with my Grandmere from days of old.

We continued our tour until we were interrupted by a Castillian toreador and her companions. She was rude from the start and we dueled with words until Sebastian sent her to wait on the prince – good riddance. It is amazing how fast tales of Najarro’s death travel without any consideration of his personality or lack of honor.

Upon our return the Prince asked me to carry a missive to my Grandmere which I replied I would be happy to do. We took our leave and I went to retrieve Alexis while Wolfie took a turn in the gardens. Alexis and I united with Wolfie and we left to return to our inn.

I was ready for another night of drinking and entertainment when Alexis came to my table to discuss a plan for the evening. Apparently he mananged not only to mark the location for his particular skills but he also made contact with Zola’s brother with the location where he is being kept. I thought the evening was going to be a total bore but Wolfie managed to stir things up a bit and after a brief skirmish (during which I was shot) we taught them the error of their ways then things settled down again.

Taking the night’s plans seriously I retired early so I could be rested for our midnight outing. Imagine my surprise when, upon knocking on Alexis’ door, it was answered by the same toreador bitch that had insulted me earlier that day. Clearly not dressed to receive vistors I could do naught but laugh at her as I thought of the circumstances.

I found Alexis in the bar and gave him quite an earful. Interfering in my affairs, the audacity! I promised instead to treat him as I had asked and withheld myself from interfering in his relationships but not before reminding him he was engaged and of all things to a fate witch.

Still we had a plan to enact so we went to my room and Alexis worked his magicy ways and we opened our eyes to the interior of the Castle Caligari. We crept down the hallway and found the room we needed only it was guarded. Surprising them we quickly made our way in to find Zola’s brother fast asleep. Thankfully he woke quietly and was actually prepared for our arrival. Another of Alexis’ intrigues and we were by Zola’s side on the ship. A few quick words and we had one of the sailors row us to shore. For a moment it looked like Wolfie had failed us in arranging a ride to the inn but a few minutes in and we found the carriage he had sent. We returned quietly and I went back to my room to finish my beauty sleep. Tomorrow we sail back to Bernoli lands. Only a day and a half and already I miss Luigi.

Day 887

In the morning we awaited the letter from the Prince that I would take to my grandmother then we set out for our ship. Nearly at the seaside we were stopped by some local authorities that were seeking a kidnapped man. We answered the leader’s questions but still he tried to force us to return with him. Wolfie had some very noble idea of confessing and taking the blame for us but this clearly was ill-fated and we eventually had to fight for our freedom. With a deft attack and a chance to show my companions how things are done, we made short work of them and proceeded to our ship where we set sail for Bernolli.

Tagebuch Steppenwolf - a Pirate's Life

So the Calgary Don is a Vampire? Blood taker? it matters not it has driven my friends to action. But what strange action, we are to become pirates for two weeks, or 2 hours I’m not sure, I’m not a sailor…

Anyway after finding the Calgary patriarch wanted Zola’s brother for blood letting the Priest suddenly was spurned to action, and what action we where to take another ship of orphans. Gather a mottle crew, and sail for the Calgary Island on a pirating mission of mercy. Apparently everyone had to gather ALL their belongings (really for a two hour, or week tour).
This has lead to everything slowing to a crawl.

When we arrived at the docks we found there where two boats moored together. Rowing out we encountered light resistance, that is until we were to face down the crescent captain of the further boat, he truly was a beast.

I had to bind three of his godless weapons, still his deft defense made him totally unhittable by Vivienne or myself. Only after the coward took Carlos hostage and put knife to his neck did he stop moving long enough for me to take aim with my new rifle and dispatch the cretin with a head shot (M M M M MONSTER KILL).

We then became aware the children where possessed by fire demons, When all seemed lost I did what all men do in such circumstances, I dropped to my knees and prayed to Theus. He did answer with a fire quenching rain that drove the demons from the children…

And thus I became a Pirate of God…


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