Vivienne Valroux du Martisse

Stylish, spirited and feisty (or) Arrogant, spoiled and difficult.


“The only thing better than fighting is fashion.”

Brawn = 2
Finesse = 3
Wits = 3
Resolve = 3
Panache = 4

Swordsman’s Guild – Valroux
Member of the Mode du Lac and the Rose & Cross

Virtue: Exemplary (p. 168)
Hubris: Hubris (p. 161)

Reputation: 39
Infamy: 7

Skill groups: Courtier; Athlete; Performer; Streetwise

Languages: Montaigne; Vodacce; Castillian


Lady or …. Black Scorpion?

Third of the four legitimately recognized children of Etienne Valroux du Martisse and his wife Fabienne Valroux. Vivienne has never met a party she didn’t want to be the life of.

While her father Etienne’s health continues to fail, his wife Fabienne works increasingly to commit all of her daughters to “suitable” marriage alliances. Vivienne’s eldest sister Adrienne Valroux du Martisse is a simpleton, and a stopping point as Grandmere has cancelled several attempts at aligning her. Lucienne, next in line, is ugly and bitter and is a much harder sell to the Montaigne nobility – unless of course Adrienne is disinherited. Third in line would be Vivienne, her chance at being named heir has been (at least temporarily) nixed by Grandmere who finds her flippant and uncaring. The youngest Julienne might be the best choice of all but she is not yet of age so it is probably too early to tell. Basically until the hereditary line is defined all suitors are reluctant to commit to marrying any of the daughters. Fabienne is incredibly distraught by this but Grandmere is adamant.

Vivienne of small and slight stature has brown hair, brown eyes and a spirited disposition. She is a recognized fashion plate on the local scene and wouldn’t be caught dead in the same dress twice on the Montaigne social circuit. While her grandmother calls her stubborn and pig-headed, Vivienne prefers to think of herself as feisty and determined.

In financial jeopardy, Vivi has been cut off from all but a limited stipend of her allowance. Grandmere has required she prove herself suitable to hold monies, title and the Martisse name. To this end she enrolled Vivienne is a Swordsguild to direct her to an appropriate path of expression. Fencing proved something Vivienne was skilled at and actually enjoyed, but sadly she also enjoys dueling and fighting.

Next Grandmere required Vivi join The Rose and Cross, in the hopes of teaching her the rewards of pursuing more selfless endeavors. So far this has not proven out as Vivi, while following instructions, has not demonstrated any correction of her more morally deficient characteristics.

Vivienne Valroux du Martisse

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