Sabastian Favro

One of the 4-Seconds, gigolo and pickpocket


Sabastian is one of the four seconds, a name given by Stahl to Ciro Gallo, Alexis, and Bonaro Riveria. The name was granted due to the four of them always getting into trouble together, but somehow the story that evolved was always that each was just supporting the others (being his second) and no one ever seemed to be the lead man.

Sabastian grew up on the streets of Paix alongside his sister Roshelle. As orphans they did what it took to it by but always had each others backs. Sabastian always had a self-depreciating humar and charm that endeared him to women of the upper-classes and they often supplied him with gifts that kept him in a decent lifestyle. What they couldn’t provide his nimble fingers usually could.

He and Alexis became close friends on the streets of Paix and Alexis and Roshelle developed a strong romance under his watch. Sabastian was thrilled that the two people he most loved were developing into such a couple though he often pretended either to not notice or to disapprove. That romance ended when a Jarvis Wilke shot and killed Roshelle in a jealous rage as he attempted to kill Alexis.

It was shortly after this that he and Alexis joined the Rose and Cross, pledging to rid the world of the kind of evil that Jarvis embodied. After their training Sabastian returned to Paix. where he continues living off the kindness (and purses) of wealthy women and off of his nimble fingers. He keeps an eye on the goings on in Paix for the R&C as well.


Sabastian Favro

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