Luigi Bernouli

Tall, dark, handsome, and charismatic


Suave, passionate, intense, and violent. He has incredible luxurious tastes and the bank account to sedate them. He is extremely confident in his abilities and lets others know it. Face and personal honor are everything to him. His anger has known to get the better of him at times. He wears dark Vodacce coulors and dark leather. He uses Ambrosia fighting style and also knives.


He was brought up in one of the greatest houses in Vodacce and his mother never let him forget that: “Without glory and honor you are nothing” At at the age of 7 he was taught philosophy, art, history, the humanities, and maths. After his studies he spent several years traveling Thea to expand his palate and horizons. He came back and joined in the family business: Politics and power. He works as a “Hand” for his uncle, the patriarch of the family.

Luigi Bernouli

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