Lucienne Valroux du Martisse

Elder sister to Vivienne but younger sister of Adrienne


Second child of Etienne Valroux du Martisse and Fabienne Valroux.

Her older sister Adrienne Valroux du Martisse is prohibiting her from an engagement of any suitable connection.

Adrienne, the current heir, is a simpleton. If she is removed from the line of succession, Lucienne is convinced she would be named heir. Should this happen Lucienne is convinced she would be able to make a powerful alliance to any handsome Montaigne noble of her choice. Outsiders clearly see that her shortage of good looks, and a somewhat nasty demeanor has meant that any suitor currently attached to Lucienne is clearly playing the long game and probably covering his bet until such a day as she is named heir.

Lucienne has no use or patience for either of her younger sisters (Vivienne Valroux du Martisse or Julienne Valroux du Martisse) and seems to resent any attention paid them.

Lucienne Valroux du Martisse

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