Jarvis Wilke

Evil man of many alliases


Jarvis is a man with no moral compass. He loves his guns more than he could any person. He even gives names to his multiple guns. He is known for being a ruthless butcher during the Eisen wars and has no apparent sense of honor. He is cowardly, and prefers to attack others without warning and from a distance, or with vastly greater numbers at his back.

He killed Roshelle Favro, a former girlfriend of Alexis in a jealous rage, shooting her from across a river in Paix while she was walking with Alexis. Alexis believes that Jarvis intended to kill him and missed killing her instead but that may not necessarily be the case.

From Steppenwolf’s perspective:

AKA Corbin “Luck” Cabin, Wanted Esien war criminal

A coward who prefers never to fight at less than musket shot distance. The Butcher of Burghausen where he killed 37 men (starving men trying to surrender, note he carried 12 guns so he had time to reload them, multiple times). This syphilitic bastard (legal term) is a crazy (dangerously so) psycho killer. Gives names to his guns and thinks of them as his women (don’t ask what he does with them at night). Was control briefly by the mind games of an Avalonian Doctor named Frost.


Jarvis Wilke

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