Etienne Valroux du Martisse

Father to both Alexis and Vivienne


Etienne was the heir apparent to his segment of the Valroux line but he has been stricken with a condition that has left him incapacitated. Originally thought to have left him mentally alert inside a body wracked with pain there has been some questions of late wondering if he really is all there. While he is the current titleholder to much of the Martisse lands, his failing health has his dowager mother ruling the clan in his stead.

Father to Alexis Valroux du Paix through an earlier unacknowledged relationship. Etienne has refused to widely publically recognize his son out of consideration to his wife who, as she will tell anyone, is deeply wounded by her inability to produce a son for him. He has however gone to great lengths to see Alexis is cared for.

Long suffering he is still married to Fabienne Valroux of whom he seems genuinely fond, despite her waspish ways. They are together the parents of four legitimately recognized daughters: Adrienne Valroux du Martisse; Lucienne Valroux du Martisse; Vivienne Valroux du Martisse; and Julienne Valroux du Martisse.

Etienne Valroux du Martisse

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