Ciro Gallo

One of the 4-Seconds, family man


Ciro was one of the four seconds, a name given by Stahl to Ciro, Alexis, Sabastian Favro, and Bonaro Riveria. The name was granted due to the four of them always getting into trouble together, but somehow the story that evolved was always that each was just supporting the others (being his second) and no one ever seemed to be the lead man.

The Four Seconds all went through Rose & Cross training together and initially had a rivalry between Alexis and Sabastian on one side and Ciro with Bonarro on the other. They rapidly became friends though and in the final year of their training were inseparable.

Ciro has a merchant family background though due to gambling debts and some risky business ventures made by his brother Otello the family is facing rough times currently. His mother died of disease when he was young and his father died in a barroom brawl 4 years ago.

Ciro tends towards the serious side, he has a melancholy air and tends to smile where others would laugh. The one person who can get him laughing and boisterous is Bonarro Riveria. They have been friends so long that neither remembers when or how they met.

Ciro is a devoted husband and father, a trait that was used against him by some Vaticine forces who used them to blackmail Ciro into assassinate another Phillipe en Jue. Alexis thwarted the plot and with the help of his new companions, freed Ciro’s family.

Alexis sent Ciro and family to Uncle Pomeroy for protection and a new start in Paix.


Ciro Gallo

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