Seventh Sea

Viv's Journal Day 953 (continued)

Gaston, Luigi and I whiled away the time as we awaited the scout’s return. Conversation was slow and stilted but I was quite preoccupied with how I would solve this so I did little to help things along. I was feeling quite impatient when the church bells rang and Alexis returned. His report was lacking in facts and information. The only thing he could tell me was that they had uncovered a mysterious device he suspected was used to kill the local nobility but he wasn’t sure and that the Lady Rhoades had started some type of altercation in the town.

During our exchange we noticed some pigeons being released from the local manor. Alexis disappeared and I quickly drew my pistol and, as Luigi had taught me, I sighted and shot one down. Rather than reload I snatched the nearest guard’s pistol and shot a second from the sky but a third escaped but I noticed a large owl pursued it.

A minute later, Alexis returned, with all three messages in hand. So we had stopped this sending at least. They all said, “Begin the rebellion!” I had a sinking feeling this was bigger than we had even begun to consider. I was in deep trouble here.

Alexis went off again and I sent a message to Grandmama recommending she send to the neighboring towns and estates for more information. If this has spread we have to know how far.

After some time had passed Gaston noticed that the local militia seemed to be moving off and he urged me to attack. But I kept calm and enforced my instructions from Grandmama. No violence. We still needed information from our inside men. It was with great relief I next saw Wolfie returning to me. He said he thought he might be able to get them to surrender but wondered the terms. I said those who were responsible for executing the nobles must face justice but the rest of the town need not fear violence. He said he thought that would be achievable. He made arrangements for us to make a display of force by firing cannon at the nearby barn in a specified period of time. I gave that task to Gaston and he was happy to have something to do.

I made a great effort to disguise my impatience with a calm countenance but I was nearly ready to jump out of my skin when the cannon finally fired. Shortly after the echoes of sound died down the local militia laid down their arms. I took this as my time to approach. I bade Gaston to remain here, and was escorted by only a few men as we marched to retake the town. Sure enough, Wolfie had achieved the seemingly impossible, and the local militia commander surrendered his sword to me. I had the guards take him in custody, he would not face my blade but my Grandmama’s justice. His problem. Not mine.

Wolfie rather thought the other conspirators were attempting to make their own escape. I thought Gaston would love the opportunity to display his talents for me so I sent a guard to inform him his skills would be needed. I saw him galloping off in the distance.

In the meantime, I made sure to make my presence clearly known. It was imperative they know who was in charge. It occurred to me Grandmama would benefit from a reliable witness account so I suggested he retrieve the local priest so that he could give testimony. It was after this that Gaston appeared at my side to report that one Corbin “Luck” Cabin had letters of marque from the Count of Aur. I asked how he knew this and he confessed he had seen them.

I was at a loss to understand why we were having a conversation about this and I didn’t have a captive at my feet. As I understand it, a rogue that Gaston had pursued had shown to him papers that proved that a noble from a different province had given this rogue permission to commit villainous acts in my Grandmama’s region. And Gaston accepted this because…? This is where I fail to follow. Such a lack of judgement does so make me question him altogether. I sent him off in pursuit of this foe while we returned home to reap the pride and glory and in my Grandmama’s eyes.

When presenting the locals for punishment and testimony Wolfie petitioned Grandmama for leniency. After some philosophical exchanges Grandmama suggested a duel between Wolfie and me. I accepted immediately but Wolfie was quite reluctant until ultimately he was convinced by Grandmama. We scheduled it for the next day.


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