Seventh Sea

Day 954 (continued)

*missed content – interrupt Ritual Sacrifice*

There I was, forced to herd the little urchins along, when Stahl appeared. Never have I been happier to see someone and I was quite relieved when he took the lead and bade the grubby beasts to follow him.

I was thrilled to free myself to return to the party but less than happy to find the rumor mill had run wild in my absence. The gossip about Luigi and me had taken an even uglier turn and now there was talk of contagious diseases all spoken with a careless disregard for my reputation. While I have been known in the past to revel well into the night, this had a darker note that I deemed more malicious than most. I was still very determined to find the source and put a stop to it.

It was at this point that Pierre Phillippe du Jour greeted me and apologized for his lack of entertainments. I forgave him at the cost of a dance and he twirled me around the floor respectably. When we had parted company, Wolfie approached and asked me about the fellow. Well, rather asked then mentioned casually that the cad was the source of the vile rumors about me that evening. Wolfie said he would leave retribution in my hands but that he had started a counter rumor that I had rebuffed this louse on a previous acquaintance.

I mused about what I should do while I watched the entertainment that Alexis had decided to provide for the evening.

Politics: Crescent Empire helping Montaigne front against C.
Etiquette: Met Duchess Rachitesse
Mooched: 2nd nephew of the Duchess, Monsieur Le Roux for 15 pistoles


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