Seventh Sea

Day 954

Day 954
The day which had dawned with such a din continued on it’s chaotic path. Breaking fast and arranging our party for travel, and our eventual departure left me quite exhausted and I was quite content to allow the sway of the carriage to hypnotize me into a doze. I was jostled awake only when we reached the border and encountered the Rachitisse guard who demanded I pay duties on my luggage. The audacity! The outrage! While I expressed my displeasure the head of the guard introduced himself as someone I should remember from my childhood. As if that made this better. I refused flat out and was still quite unhappy when Wolfie stepped in to barter down the cost. Until he offered a bet, a bet based on my sword. Wolfie continues to surprise me with his depth of understanding of my character. Happily I accepted the duel and we stepped off the road to a nearby church clearly in a state of disrepair. We climbed a scaffold and faced off. I taunted him with a quick swipe to his coat and he failed in his attempt to return in kind, but then he quickly recovered and struck a couple of blows causing me some serious discomfort. Clearly he had used all the momentum he had and I landed two strong strikes of my own. I was startled by a large statue which fell between us and I barely kept my balance from falling to my doom. Worried he would do me (or my outfit) more damage I decided it best to end this quickly and following up on my last two hits I flurried blows upon him thrice in a row until he eventually fell into Wolfie’s waiting arms preventing him gross bodily harm. Several of the fellows watching offered me applause and I took my bow. Happily we left the border check paying not a single pistole and we proceeded on our journey.

We made it without note to the capital city of this region, Aragon but upon our arrival my companions seemed to be taken up with the sights and some of the locals. Discussion yielded that there was to be a ball in the evening and I was rather excited to hear this.


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